SGI Scholar Foundation

Our Cause:

The most important resource we have to en-sure the world’s future is our children. Our focus is to apply the best method of teaching them how to learn, retain, and retrieve information so that they may become critical and creative thinkers in order to help solve the world’s problems.

Not enough young people are being educated or inspired about their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Data proves that the interest of young people especially in middle schools is lacking in choosing STEM subjects or STEM careers. STEM Global Institute, Inc. has a scientifically proven method that turns students who don’t like STEM subjects to students who love them. These students go on to excel in these subjects and experience success and then go on to become future STEM leaders.


Our Action:

STEM Global Institute, Inc. (SGI, Inc.) and a 501-3-c non-profit division SGI Scholar Foun-dation, Inc. was founded by Dr. Edith Davis due to the great need for a successful educa-tional system that includes a truly compre-hensive STEM program, which will impact each and every student’s success rate, graduation rate, and future employment rate.

Micro-Spiral Method (MSM)

Educational Revolution begins with the Micro-Spiral Method (MSM) founded by Dr. Edith Davis in 2004 at Baylor University. Traditional Methods teach in a linear fashion. Yet, people learn in a natural, intuitive, and spiral fashion.
MSM builds on the old, reinforces and net-works with the new.

MSM accelerates learning, by encoding concepts, knowledge and skills on both the left and right sides of the brain into long term memory.

MSM enables easy retrieval of information with a simple mnemonic.

MSM delivers small chunks of concepts, knowledge, and skills with each iteration going in more depth with each topic covered.

MSM makes 21st Century learners into critical and creative thinkers


Our Impact:

Our Strategy is to help eradicate the problem of STEM deficiency we will:

  • Train the Trainer for corporations, govern-ments, and NGOs in the new methodology.
  • Teach the Teachers– newly attracted (Pre-service) and seasoned teachers (in-service) in MSM.
  • Teach students K-20 in STEM disciplines with MSM.

SGI Scholar Foundation Brochure (pdf)


SGI Scholar Foundation, Inc. is a 501-3-c non-profit division of the STEM Global Institute, Inc.